RIGS SciFi 2.10 – Unbreakable Glass

“So I got the idea for this stuff whilst reading a comic book. There was this metal that was considered indestructible. Yeah, that one! Well Anyway, I spent most of my youth trying to come up with a metal just like it. Found it impossible, even when we discovered new minerals on other planets. But then one day it hit me. We were going about it the wrong way. Treating it like a metal. So for some reason, I started treating it more like a glass. And it worked. But only whilst liquid. Trust me when I say you don’t want to make ANY errors with manufacturing this…”

Activation: N/a
Complexity: 99% to make – N/a to use
Condition: Perfect
Control method: Install like normal glass

UG comes in two forms – Liquid and formed. In both states, it resembles normal glass, but has a yellow colouration to it, almost like amber. In all other respects, UG looks like normal, yellowish glass. Sometimes goes by the nickname of Amber Glass because of this colouration.

Abilities and Features
Unbreakable Glass is for all practical purposes, indestructible. It cannot be scratched, bent, dented or broken in any way. It is believed the only way to even squash the glass is to take it to a neutron star. When a window that has UG in it breaks, it is the frame or what is holding the glass that breaks, not the glass itself. It is truly bullet resistant, laser-proof and nanites or other sub-molecular weapons have zero effect on it.

Like some metals, this UG can only be formed or manipulated whilst liquid. Once shaped and cooled, it cannot be reformed, heated or broken up. As such, any errors in the forming of the UG are permanent. The manufacturing process has incredibly high cost because of this. Those who work with it are trained for years, increasing the cost even more. It also cannot be colored, apart from the natural amber colouration. Trying to change the color whilst liquid radically alters the integrity of the glass, making it very brittle.

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