For the last few months I have been subscribed to Loot Crate. Check out what came in this months box

This months theme : Galactic


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List of Contents

Check out the images above for some pictures of the contents this month. I apologise for the rather poor quality of the pics, blame it on the potato I took the pics with and the rather shoddy cameraman in control of it.

Here’s a list of what was inside:

  1. Serenity themed fake money
  2. A plastic Mini-Mal
  3. A tribble…i hope it was a fake one or I am in trouble and i don’t think the cat will be happy
  4. A Xenomorph figure with small glow in the dark parts
  5. A poster of Han Solo in carbonite
  6. A badge
  7. A fridge magnet, which I first thought just had simple line drawing in the style of Asteroids, but on further inspection also had on it small TIE fighters and another rather famous ship from Star Wars.
  8. Some popping rocks, water melon flavoured
  9. 3 issues of a digital comic via download code
  10. A collectors badge
  11. Discount codes for a few items like sunglasses, headsets, keyboard & mouse etc.

Mention needs to go as well to the box it all comes in. Each month , the internal box art is themed as well. AS you can see from the pic, this one bears a resemblance to Mal’s own ship, Serenity.

With an estimated value of close to $50 for the contents, even after paying a tad extra for shipping to the UK, this still works out as great value for money

What is Loot Crate?
Each month you are subscribed, you get a nifty box of geek-ish items sent to you. Each month is based around a theme with a chance to win the Mega-Crate which features some rare or sought after bits of gear.
The contents are a mystery until the box arrives. Take a look at the previous crates link below to see what has been featured in past months boxes.

Previous Crates : What has gone before

Main Link : Loot Crate

Referal link :

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