An era is a period of time marked by character, events, changes etc. They are often named, and that is what this list provides. Roll a D20 and see what era you are dealing with.

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D20,Era Name
1 , The Age of the Degenerates
2 , The Bacteriological Century
3 , The Complete Age
4 , The Cycle of the Fiends
5 , The Epoch of Dissolution
6 , The Epoch of Fatal Conjuration
7 , The Era of the Cosmic Discovery
8 , The Era of the Tomb
9 , The Gainful Century
10 , The Moral Epoch of Conjuration
11 , The Opulent Century of the Genome
12 , The Orbital Cycle
13 , The Orbital Cycle of Discovery
14 , The Orbital Cycle of Enchantment
15 , The Shining Era
16 , The Time of the Black Moon
17 , The Time of the Hellish Cathartic
18 , The Time of the Mechanism
19 , The Time of the Weakening Sun
20 , The Unblemished Era of Destruction


This list was made using results generated by the generators on Seventh Sanctum

Generator Link :Era Namer

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