As I have at least four players wanting in on the madness of me GM’ing a game of Star Trek Adventures, I got a bit of reading and behind the scenes work to do. Yesterday I was testing out some roll20 systems and sorted them, today, I’ll be formatting the bridge crew cheat sheet I am making up – This will help both me and the players decide what can be done on the bridge, what skills to check when going to warp etc. Once done I’ll probably be putting it up here on the blog. I am very tempted to start a new page/section dedicated to STA, but that can come later.

Between now and the 28th October – when the first game of Season 0 (“Holodeck”) starts, I got a few things to do:

  • Finish the Bridge Crew Cheat Sheet
  • Finish reading the Core Rules – Not to memorize it, but at least be familiar where things are
  • Print off the cheat sheets I have for reference
  • Go over the adventure in the Quickstart guide – Luckily the way this is laid out this is a low priority – I just need to read it beforehand so I get an idea of what to do etc.

So far, things are on target for the first game of Season 1 to be in either in the last couple of weeks of December or the first week or so of January. I know everyone, including myself, has a lot to do that time of year, so trying to make it as flexible as possible for everyone – The last thing ANYONE needs is extra stress on top of the usual yuletide shenanigans.

After the first few games of Season 0 then I got Season 1 to plan for. This requires a bit more work, but, I will not be doing all of it in one go. I want the sessions to improve over time, both in quality, presentation, and flow of the game. As such I have set myself some ongoing goals for STA:D. These have no timeframe or set order and will do them as I can.

  • Work on getting some “guest stars” to join, either as semi-regulars or one-offs.
  • Add NPC’s/Supporting Characters to roll20 (as base templates as a minimum)
  • Get some background images and maps
  • Set-up a web page/section on the blog for STA:d, with resources (both mine and links to others), mission/game reports, related material and so on
  • Get some royalty-free/legal music for background/ambiance in the game
  • Promoting the game/site
  • Upgrade my current machine – At the moment it is fine for basic work or games, but will not be for high-quality recording and streaming. This is the one that will take the longest to do ad cost the most., but, will have the most impact when done. To begin with, the recordings/streams, if it can handle it all, will be of potato quality – For the moment though there is nothing I can do about that.

That’s all for now, I’ll update more soon, in the meantime LLAP!


Get the Quick Start guide for free HERE.

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