With several new Sci-Fi rpgs out, It makes sense for me to update one of Ennead Games older generators related to the genre. In fact this one will be a combination of several of the multiverse kits parts into one. But it does raise an important question: What do you find in a star system? So here, in no particular order are some of the things you may find when exploring a star system.

The generator will have a quick, easy to use section for when you are passing through a system and don’t need a detailed report, then there will be a more detailed section, which will explore the system in more details and give you more information. Obviously, the detailed section will take longer to use, but you don’t have to use everything in it. If you only need to find out details about one planet for example, such as the level of technology, you can do that, but you might want to have the other details on hand, just in case.

In some way, all of these will feature in the upcoming “Star System Generator”. A disclaimer about this first. Whilst it will draw on existing and theoretical ideas, there will also be, scientifically speaking, impossible results. The design idea behind it will be to have things varied and interesting. Scientific Accuracy will be way beyond the scope of the product and not really user-friendly.

  • Star –  This one is obvious. You can’t have a STAR system without a star. But the nature of the star may vary, from small ultra dense neutron stars to super massive-about-to-nova stars and much more in between. Binary Star systems, and even trinary (3) or more may be possible.
  • Planets – Not every star system will have planets, but many of them will do. They will range from dwarf-planets to ultra massive gas giants that are close to becoming stars in their own right. Each planet, like stars, is classified under a certain type, with certain features being found on some types and unlikely on others. As this is the part most will be intracting with, it wil have the largest section dedicated to it.
  • Belts – Asteroids, ice fields, debris. broken planets. They can be both a source of danger and wealth

Other, much less common features that can be found might include:

  • Clouds, such as the Oort cloud around the outside of the Sol system
  • Anomalies – A catch all term for the weird and wonderful and includes subjects such as wormholes, spatial and temporal rifts etc
  • Constructions – Another catch-all term, but covering artificial items made by the inhabitants of this system or other outsiders. Space Stations, jump gates and anything else that would not exist naturally.


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