Military ships are the most varied. They make up the backbone of any respectable star navy. The potency and reliability though can vary from group to group and even from ship to ship within the same class. This list below does not feature every possible starship type, but does include most /classes.

  • Assault – Heavy armoured damage dealer
  • Battleship – Large, slow with superior firepower
  • Blockade Runner – Fast and nimble
  • Bomber – Drops heavy payloads on the target
  • Barrier – Help with blockades or protecting other ships
  • Carrier – A large vessel designed to carrier fighters etc
  • Combat Rep/Medic – AKA the field hospital
  • Command – The ship the commander of the fleet uses
  • Communications – As the name suggests, a starship built with communication, long range and short in mind
  • Covert Ops – Stealth ships, smuggling etc
  • Cruiser – Multi-purpose class of ships
  • Destroyer – Escort/defence vessels
  • Detector – Essentially a sensor array that can move
  • Dreadnaught – Has little on them not dedicated to combat, often heavy armoured
  • Drop Ship – Designed to deploy itself  or its cargo directly onto another planet, via atmospheric drop
  • Drone – Remote controlled or self-aware, have no biological crew or pilots
  • Escort – Protection style ship, used to assist larger vessels
  • EW Vessels – Electronic Warfare
  • Fighter – Small, fast and short ranged
  • Frigate – Fast(ish), medium-sized, protector type
  • Gunship – A specialised cruiser/fighter with a lot of guns on it
  • Interceptor – Designed to intercept incoming or hostile craft
  • Mine Layer – Lays mines or other contact weapons
  • Missile Boat – Like a gunship, but with missiles or other similar projectiles
  • Planet Killer –  A behemoth of a seige ship, slow, with one purpose in mind – Killing planets
  • Scout – Fast ships used for reconnaissance
  • Sniper – A specialised form of starship, designed to take out their target from a  great distance
  • Supply – A combat-ready supply ship, used to move ammo, rations etc. to where its needed
  • Tank/blocker – This ships main purpose is to stop others from getting past


(This is extracted in part from Starship Kit by Ennead Games)

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