Inn’s Name: Slaughtered Rakshasa.

Bartender: Filedeslas, Male half-ogre, 2nd-level cleric. (Look at the bottom)
Bartender’s Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Bartender’s Personality: Naive.
Bartender’s Quirks: Gaps between teeth.
Bartender’s Initial Reaction: Hostile

Layout: This is a two stories building without a basement. It seems to function as a repaired warehouse , situated in the South Ward of the Town.
Accommodations: Poor (a place on the floor near the hearth and a flea-ridden blanket amongst the riff-raff) for 8 cp/day. (Look at the bottom)
Services: Horse stall and Grooming (1 sp)
Staff: The owner is assisted by 2 serving girl(s).
Serving Wenches: Ves, Nimloth,.
Staff’s Initial Reaction: Unfriendly

Interesting Clientele: The inn as a few customers (6), mostly half-ogres. (9 Tables)
Encounter: The group is approached by 5 half-orc prostitutes offering sexual favours for a price.
– Near the back sits a young human couple. They are deep in a conversation about taxes and sales.

Things Overheard:
Bounty: A wizard needs a particularly rare spell component found only in the deep jungle. The reward is 2250 gp.


Rice (good, 6 cp)

Hot spicy squashes (terrible, 5 cp)
Sweet battered catfish with broiled rutabaga (good, 3 sp)
Salted goose egg with sharp cheese (terrible, 1 sp)
Peppered battered lamb with peppered potato (terrible, 1 sp)

Savory spiced crackers (12) (good, 2 sp)
Tortilla (good, 3 cp)
Biscuits (bland, 2 cp)

Poduftis’s carrot cake (bland, 2 sp)

Springwater (terrible, 6 cp)
Hot tea (good, 1 sp)
Root beer (good, 2 sp)
Goat’s milk (superb, 1 sp)

Fennel Spiced Wine (bland, 1 sp)
Stout (good, 6 sp)
Grog (good, 1 sp)
Hard cider (bland, 2 sp)

Miscellaneous Description of Owner:

Age: Venerable.
Size: Medium build. Weight: Average.
Hair: Black, moderate in length and curly
Eyes: Brown
Skin: tan, rough
Clothing: clean scholar’s outfit (a robe, a belt, a cap, soft shoes, and possibly a cloak.).

Origin: this country.
Languages: Alphatian, Traladaran (KAR), Thratian, Thyatian.
Occupation (past or present): confectioner (makes/sells candies)
Recent Life Event: None.

Things known:

Inn’s Description:

Sign: Above the main door hangs a sign with the name of the Inn.

Description: The Inn holds an unlimited amount of people and has several elaborate rooms upstairs for the weary traveler or perhaps and excited couple or two.

Construction: The building was constructed over 33 years ago of stone. The ground floor of this establishment is raised a foot above street level to keep rain water flowing out rather than in. The upper story has been painted an apricot color. The Inn has lots of small windows which have small triangulate pains of leaded glass.

Entrance: The main entry is a pair sturdy double doors wich appear newly constructed. The tavern has a comfortable lobby where you can wait for friends to join you before leaving or as you arrive. The front desk is located in this room. A finely engraved wooden plaque has been fastened to the wall above the front desk, which is the price of rooms. Here everything is warm and inviting.

Common Room: The common room is where all alcohol and food is served. The room is illuminated by candlesticks placed on the tables and oil-lanterns around the walls. The bar of dark wood stands against the wall. There are booths going around the walls with smaller tables filling in the center. A large stone fireplace occupies most of one wall, with two brass bins to either side containing kindling or larger logs respectively.

Kitchen: Meals can be taken to rooms if desired; but guests are required to come down to the kitchen and get them, unless a serving girl is paid to fetch their dinner. Two large cabinets hold a variety of spices and herbs, while supplies such as flour and oil are kept in one corner. A large table in the center of the kitchen is a hub of activity ranging from carving and chopping to pastry rolling. Hanging from the ceiling is a veritable forest of hanging pots, pans, and kettles of all types. There is a smaller door leading out from the kitchen to a small garden plot.

Cellar: Below the kitchen there is a cellar with a 6-foot ceiling running the width of the building and north for half the length of the building. A table in the kitchen covers the trapdoor leading to the cellar. This dark room is lined with large oak casks of wine, ale, beer, brandy, and whisky. Each barrel is marked to denote contents and the date it was made.

Stairs: The stairs from below lead up to this well lit hallway. The hall is well illuminated by two hanging lanterns, which bounce light off of the well-polished wood of the walls.

The bathing chamber contains a single copper sitting tub. When the patron is finished, all they have to do is pull the cork stopper at the bottom of the tub and the water will drain down pipes built between the floor and wall joists. These pipes snake their way throughout the inn and eventually descend through the cellar and into the ground, to eventually drain into the sewers below.

Rooms: Each guest room is furnished, with one bed and either a table or writing desk with two chairs or stools. The linens are fresh – but everything else must be purchased.

The dormitory has three double bunk beds which are used by those sharing a room. Additional guests can sleep in the private common room but this is exceedingly rare. A large table occupies one end of the room with four high-backed chairs.

Owner’s Room: The owner’s room is equipped with a double bed, chest of drawers and a small linen press. There is a shuttered window on one wall and a small, locked chest under the bed (it contains the family jewelry plus money)

Stables: The Ostlery is a large stable with living quarters hidden away upstairs amidst the hay storage. The paddock’s fence posts are about two feet apart, and the crossbeams are at 3ft and 5ft off the ground.

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