The Tail and the Harp


A small sign hangs outside above the main entrance to the inn with the words “The Tail and the Harp” carved into it. The occasional hooker might pass through, and a gambler or sharp trader might set up business at one of the tables, but unless they consume their space’s worth, they’re encouraged to go elsewhere.

The Proprietor is Eereegn, who is initially Indifferent.
Accommodation: Poor (a place on the floor near the hearth and a flea-ridden blanket amongst the riff-raff) for 3 cp/day. (Look at the bottom)
Services: Horse stall (0.1 gp) The bathing chamber contains a single copper sitting tub. On the side of the tub is a small wire rack that holds soap. There is also extra bedding and towels in a closet.Foot Messenger in city (1 sp)
The owner is alone.
Staff’s Initial Reaction: Friendly

Inn’s Description:

Description: The inn used to be known as the “Red Wench” after one of the prior bar maids!

Construction: The building is solidly built of nice squared and mortared stone. The roof is covered with lead sheets. The front porch wraps around both sides of the building. The second story support beams stick out through the outer wall to provide the anchor for an awning against the summer heat. The Inn has a few small-unglazed windows with small wooden shutters.

Entrance: The main entry is through a stout wooden door with metal reinforced studs along its length and breadth. The entrance is illuminated by lanterns placed on either side of the main entrance. In the front entrance is the inn’s front desk. This long and finely detailed counter is clean and well polished. Ringing the bell will bring owner to the area quickly, if not already present.

Common Room: A large common room with seven-foot ceilings, a bar, fireplace and stairs occupy the central area of the inn. This large and well-lit room is accessible by two small steps leading from the lobby. The bar is well stocked with ale, mead and cider. The common room has several rough benches scattered about, with tables that line the walls. There is a fireplace, shared with the kitchen, in the southwest corner.

Kitchen: The kitchen is separated from the main room by a bar-table and by the fireplace. Two great fireplaces are kept burning here close to 20 hours out of every day, cooking the delicious meals that make the inn’s menu so famous. A large table in the center of the kitchen is a hub of activity ranging from carving and chopping to pastry rolling. Pot, kettles and tied herbs hang from the ceiling.

Cellar: The basement of the inn is a roughly hewn room just below the kitchen. The cellars is filled with barrels, some standing singly, others on rack up to four deep.

Stairs: The southern end of the common room has a flight of stairs going up. Two doors, (the ones at each end of the hall), bear brass plates with the words “Privy” instead of a number.

The bathing chamber contains a single copper sitting tub. Each of these privies is well kept and fresh smelling (sweet smelling flowers are kept on pedestals year round to fight odors). There is also extra bedding and towels in a closet.

Rooms: The guest rooms have straw mattresses laid atop the floor and a small table and chairs. The décor is pleasant and refreshing, with colorful drapes and bedding.

The dormitory has three double bunk beds which are used by those sharing a room. Additional guests can sleep in the private common room but this is exceedingly rare. A large table occupies one end of the room with four high-backed chairs.

Eereegn’s Room: Eereegn’s room contain a double bed, chamber pot, writing desk with two chairs and a chest for clothes. Under the bed is hidden two strongboxes. The first is the inn’s treasury. It presently contains 112 cp, 162 sp, and 27 gp. The second holds personal items.

Stables: The small ostlery is located on the western end of the inn and has space for 6 horses. There are a total of 16 stalls here.


Cream of wheat (poor, 9 cp)

Salted beets (very good, 6 sp)

Hardtack (good, 1 sp)
Corn Bread (good, 2 sp)

Blanvorn’s bread pudding (decent, 8 cp)

House Special: Spiced spinach served with carrot soup and a side of Raspberry pie. (good, 3 sp)

Rainwater (good, 1 sp)
Aloe herbal tea (decent, 1 sp)

Cocktails (Ghaklúm rust) (terrible, 7 sp)
Golden Sands Orange (terrible, 1 cp)
Knee-Cracker (bland, 1 cp)

Tobacco & Drugs:
Sweet Priest – Effects: None; Side Effects: None
Fragrant Carpenter – Effects: None; Side Effects: -1 to Listen for 3 hours.
Smooth Snake – Effects: None; Side Effects: None



Proprietor: Eereegn – Female, lightfoot halfling, 3rd-level commoner
Alignment: Chatic Good
Personality: Noble, irreverant.
Quirks: Speaks only a foreign language (draconic).

Miscellaneous Description of Owner:

Age: Young adult.
Size: Medium build. Weight: Skinny.
Hair: Brown, moderate in length and curly
Eyes: Black
Skin: fair, rough
Clothing: clean peasant’s outfit (loose shirt and baggy breeches, or a loose shirt and skirt or overdress. Cloth wrappings are used for shoes.).
eye patch (right).
earring on left ear(s).

Origin: this country.
Languages: Thyatian, Common of the Minaean Coast (E ALP).
Occupation (past or present): sapper (specialist in field fortifications)
Recent Life Event: Lost her job.

Things known:

Interesting Clientele: The inn is quite empty, only 2 orcs. (2 Tables)

– At one table sits an immature tallfellow halfling couple. They drink sparingly and discuss the rumors in their master’s factory.
– An ancient human couple (a boy and a girl barely in their teens) sit across from an older woman. The couple is nervous and fidgety and holding hands tightly. The old woman says something you can’t make out through the din of the other patrons, but then the women immediately erupts into loud sobs.


There is a bard present, who is juggling . He has information that will help the PC’s.

Unusual Happenstances:

An abusive drunk sitting at a different table challenges the leader of the adventure party to a fight. If the challenge is refused the drunk will simply return, cursing and taunting, to his or her table.

Things Overheard:

Rumor: A military leader is organizing an expedition with the objective of hunting for a political criminal..

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