The Trap and the Fist


On a small post is a sign which reads “The Trap and the Fist”. This is the oldest inn in town, providing rooms to sleep in, rooms to meet in, an open commons room, a bar, full food services and nightly entertainment.

The Proprietor is Kelorlan, who is initially Unfriendly.
Accommodation: Good (a small private room with one bed, some amenities and a covered chamber pot) for 13 sp/day. (Look at the bottom)
Services: Horse stall and Grooming (0.5 gp) Laundry Service (4 cp) The bathing chamber contains a single copper sitting tub. A serving girl will fill the tub with steaming hot water from the kitchen upon request. Foot Messenger in city (2 sp)
The owner is assisted by a cook (Matdale, Female human), a barkeep (Osmundo di los Gama, Female human) and 4 serving girls.
Serving Wenches: Mira Boulger
Thilde* Daulsen of Ulimwengu (Serpent Peninsula)
Maren* Rigargrimmig
Olafwug Sureslayer
Staff’s Initial Reaction: Unfriendly

Inn’s Description:

Description: This is a highly contrived place, a dark and dangerous establishment, filled with colorful strangers and run with an iron hand.

Construction: The building is solidly built of stone. The whole of this building is roofed with slate tiles. The front porch wraps around both sides of the building. The second story support beams stick out through the outer wall to provide the anchor for an awning against the summer heat. The building has several large windows, each with graying wooden shutters that creak from age when they move.

Entrance: The only entrance is through a pair sturdy double doors with metal reinforced studs along its length and breadth. The entrance hall is lined by wood paneling darkened by age, with a good quality wood block floor. This is where the front desk is located. This long and finely detailed counter is clean and well polished. Here everything is warm and inviting.

Common Room: The inside of the common room is comfortably dark and filled with the smells of good food and fine drink. If you’re lucky you may even see the ghost, said to be that of an officer who was flogged to death for cheating at cards. The bar offers the usual complement of drinks, and a clientele of regulars that enjoys gambling on card games, dice games or dagger pitching.

Kitchen: A large plate-glass window in the kitchen allows plentiful amounts of light into this chamber, keeping it bright. The one end of the room is filled by a large inglenook fireplace, bread oven, wood-store and butler’s sink. There is a large bookcase-like shelf, jammed full of jars and bottles of spices, herbs and the like. In the center of the room is a large block of wood, marred by many scrapes and cuts. Its original color is lost amongst stains of food and blood. Hanging from the ceiling is a veritable forest of hanging pots, pans, and kettles of all types. There is a door opening to the back of the Inn. On fine days the garden is the place to be, nicely laid-out with plenty of tables.

Cellar: The cellar is a little more than a crawl space 4′ high beneath the kitchen. The room is totally unilluminated by natural sources.

Stairs: The stairs from below lead up to this well lit hallway. Two doors, (the ones at each end of the hall), bear brass plates with the words “Privy” instead of a number.

The bathing chamber contains a single copper sitting tub. A serving girl will fill the tub with steaming hot water from the kitchen upon request. There is also extra bedding and towels in a closet.

Rooms: The guest rooms are simple with single beds and a simple desk and table. The chamber is cozy, even for its size.

One guestroom appears to have no entry, and is not numbered. The thinner wall that leads into the corridor opens to reveal a hidden room. It is the same as all the other guestrooms, but is used regularly by the black-market contacts. It is explained as being a novelty room that costs extra to rent, and is currently rented by a traveling merchant. Another small door leads off of the room to a tiny closet lined with pegs for the hanging of cloaks and furs.

Kelorlan’s Room: Kelorlan’s room is simple with double bed and a small table and a chest. There is a shuttered window on one wall and a small, locked chest under the bed (it contains the family jewelry plus money)

Stables: The Ostlery is a large stable with living quarters hidden away upstairs amidst the hay storage. It can hold up to 16 horses, and has a sizable fenced in horse-paddock.


Poached eggs and steak (poor, 3 cp)

Boiled boar with Corn buns (good, 5 sp)

Biscuits (good, 1 sp)

Huckleberry surprise (decent, 2 sp)
Fréaca’s banana pudding (superb, 5 sp)

Cow’s milk (superb, 3 sp)
Wellwater (decent, 9 cp)
Mint tea (decent, 2 sp)

Golden Sands Orange (good, 2 sp)
Spirits ( Tequila) (bland, 8 sp)
Dragon’s Breath Beer (very good, 5 sp)
Wine (Ferdrugo House White) (superb, 8 sp)

Tobacco & Drugs:
Oregano (used for sprains and neuritis) – Effects: None; Side Effects: None
Topnyq’s Fragrant – Effects: None; Side Effects: Headache



Proprietor: Kelorlan – Female, human, 1st-level fighter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Goofy, moody, callous.
Quirks: Dresses funny.

Miscellaneous Description of Owner:

Age: Young adult.
Size: Medium build. Weight: Average.
Hair: White, moderate in length and straight
Eyes: Blue
Skin: light, pimply
Clothing: all torn-up monk’s outfit (simple outfit includes sandals, loose breeches, and a loose shirt, and is all bound together with sashes. The outfit is designed to give you maximum mobility, and it’s made of high-quality fabric. You can hide small weapons in pockets hidden in the folds, and the sashes are strong enough to serve as short ropes.).

Origin: this country.
Languages: Daro, Oltec / Azcan.
Occupation (past or present): tanner (preparer of leather)
Recent Life Event: Fended off recruitment (military, political party, press gang).

Things known:

Interesting Clientele: The inn has a few customers (9), mostly orcs. (7 Tables)

– A bugbear bard is reciting some really funny jokes and taking frequent draughts from a jug of liquor. His performance si quite funny, and two humans really enjoy it. They move their heads, and tilt their head acknowledging his performance, and sometimes whistle with the bard.
– You notice a very old, frail male. He is eavesdropping on neighboring table. A silver dagger is strapped upside down on his back and a Large light crossbow leans against the wall.


There is a bard present, who is singing . He probably has information that the PC’s would find useful.

Unusual Happenstances:

An abusive drunk sitting at a different table challenges the leader of the adventure party to a fight. If the challenge is refused the drunk will simply return, cursing and taunting, to his or her table.

Things Overheard:

Rumor: A recently recovered artifact causes arcane spellcasters’ powers to go awry.
Employment: A delivery needs to be made to Herath (Savage Coast).

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