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Last Update for the month.



No new PDF’s this week, but did run a highlight on an older one, “Dungeon Maker” which can be read at the link below.

[PDF Highlight] Dungeon Maker

A mentioned before, for April, will be running a Mega Icth promo, both to highlight my work and Itch.io in general.  The PDFS that come out in April will not be included in that promo, so it will be for 95% of what is on there, as a rough estimate.


World Anvil

Last Weeks World Anvil article was about a cult of radical eco-warriors with a druidic feel called “The Veiled Staff”

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

Stream Channel Link

  • Elder Scrolls Online – Am now into Orsinium proper, working for the orcs, saving some clerics, and getting stuff for the museum..yay! Small bug/downside is that some of the items do not show up properly when added to the collection, but its a minor wiblle
  • Farscape Watch Party – Season 3 ended last week and the last three episodes are, if I am brutally honest, my favourite in the entire show., the two-parter especially.  We start the final season tonight (Am counting Peace Keeper Wars as part of s4…ish…)

Video/VT Channel Link


Goals and To-Do List

Ongoing Goals Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,092 2000 908
Twitter – Tweets 39617 50,000 10,383
Twitch – Followers 222 1000 778
Youtube – Subscribers 20 25 5
Youtube – Uploads 204 225 21
Youtube – Views 538 600 62


Repeating Weekly Goals/Tasks Done?
Uploaded last weeks stream to YT y
Biweekly/Alternating Goals/Tasks
Released a PDF n/a
World Anvil Article y
World Building Prompt/Questions y
Irregular Goals/Tasks
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one n
Added PDF to PDF page on site y
Converted a PDf to Foundry Format n
Updated ideas/To-do list y

Not much change to things, same as before really.


The Foundry Project

Now I got the basics done, with regards to formatting the basics tables and figured out how to convert/import my tables into the foundry format I can start doing so. Something I have to keep in mind is that FoundryVTT is still, technically speaking, in Beta, is about to go to version 0.8, which has been released to developers and is NOT meant for regular users, cos of bugs, formatting changes and so on. So far not seen anything regarding tables or macros that concerns me, but it’s something I have to keep an eye on.


Other Stuff

My only major concern with things now I making sure I keep up the habit of doing things. The Foundry Project , for example, is relatively speaking, an easy thing for me to do, but the old executive dysfunction part of the ADHD/ASD combo can make starting it for the day hard, if not impossible.  But I am keeping busy and getting things done, just not 100% at the speed I want. Still, compared to a few months , when it was something like 50% , now, it’s closer to 65%. Still got a way to go, but I will get there 🙂


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