Magic Mystic Sorcery Witchcraft  - Briam-Cute / Pixabay

This weeks 10 questions for world bulding is about magic. Now not every world will have access to magic or the aracane, but even sci-fi or other genre type worlds will probably have some kind of reference to it. Or maybe even “magic” is just highly advanced technology that is no longer understood.

  1. Are there places to learn, study or improve ones magical skills?
  2. Can magic heal?
  3. What anti-magic measures are available?
  4. What are the legalities of the various types of magic and in general?
  5. What are the limitations of magic?
  6. What are the views on magic from various religions?
  7. What is magic called by the general population?
  8. What is the source of magic?
  9. What types of magic are present?
  10. Who can use it and who cant?

Bonus question – Who is the most (in)famous magic user of your world and why are they so well known?

The list of previous and other world building prompts can be found HERE.

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