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No new PDFs this week but itchi.io store is having a Halloween themed sale and Ennead Games is no exception – 13 PDFS for $10.03 – The PDFs can be purchased separately or as a bundle!

The next planned PDF is about Cybernetics, and, whilst a stand-alone item is unofficially part of the “Quick Generator Expanded” series. This one will cover cybernetics and is a little different from others I have done in that It has three parts;

  • A generic set of rules to cover costs, location side effects etc,
  • Location separated lisits of some example cybernetic implants
  • A re-print of the 2x d100 tables to give you a name for the implant – This is what was originally in the “QG – Cybernetics & Implants Name” PDF.


World Anvil

No new WA article last week, but tomorrow there will be one on the nature of the multiverse and how it relates to Easthalen

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

  • No Mans Sky – Technically speaking, last night I “finished” the game – Met space god again, made a star, travelled some more then “reset” things by jumping to a new galaxy. From this point on now, the story is done and the goals are my own to decide what to do with , like getting the living ship , making a proper base and so on.
  • Farscape Watch Party – Last week we watched episodes 13 to 15 with 7 more to go in season 1. A regular character was introduced but my favourite (not including the main group) character has yet to be introduced, they will be turning up iirc at the end of the season and I am looking forward to it – If you have Prime, then come along and join in things 🙂


Goals and To-Do List

Goal Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,087 2000 913
Twitter – Tweets 37462 50,000 12,538
Twitch – Followers 219 500 281
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 13 100 87
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 13 1000 987
Youtube – Uploads 173 200 27
Youtube – Views 458 10,000 9,542

Things have slowed down on followers for YT etc, but, to be fair I have not been pushing things and everyone has a lot more options to watch etc. This is one of those I am not worried about, just keeping track of, for my own benefit if nothing else.


Weekly Tasks Done?
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one y
Add a pdf collection or item to itch n
Uploaded stream to YT y
World Anvil Article N

As expected really – Didn’t add anything to itch (apart from the sale but not counting that).


Other Stuff

I am looking to trying out Foundry VTT as a supplementary program to go alongside roll20. Now the reason I mention this is that it has a module/add-on that allows for integration with Foundry. This is not something that will be a major concern to most people reading this, but, if if there is a way I can sell my generators as part of a Foundry integration/module thing? Its defiantly on that “worth looking into” side of things. But first, I need to see how easy it is for me to use and understand etc. This is another of those “long term projects that I need to start working on now” sort of thing. I could get foundry and for some reason , the program and myself just doesn’t click – It happens. But if it does, then even if there is no facility for selling my stuff, then making my own modules etc on it will be a good exercise for the brain-muscles 🙂


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