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Not a huge amount to cover this week, but some good stuff.


No new PDF this week, next weeks one will be about Alingment/Personality taking the GNE/LNC axis and expanding with some personality thrown in for good measure, sch as Lawful Stupid etc.


World Anvil

A new WA this week is a two parter – A feature written up by one of my players in my DnD campaign

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Itch Bundles

Like the indivdual PDFS, I will be adding one bundle each day until done. Like with the others, not everything on DTRPG will be added, just the ones that are on the itch store.



The video page is now up and running on the site. Hvae started adding title cards to the new vids and end cards as well, with the title cards/screens/thumbnails being a screen shot I take within the vid. If i forget to, I ca easily use a screen grab, but a SS is far superior in this regards.



ESO has for the moment bcome the game of choice for now. The views have dropped a little bit, but as this is a “side-gig” for me thats not a problem. Would I rather there would be more viewwers in chat? of course! But its not a big deal like it used to be.

But, one thing I am looking forward to is starting tonight and every Wednesday afterwards. Twitch have started Watch Parties, where a streamer and their chat (you need to have prime sadly) can watch and chat along to the same show or film. I’m going to be doing this tonight and starting off with the most excellent Good Omens.




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