This has to have been the biggest name generator, in term of possible combinations, I have ever done. Taking its data from the US census, I’ve taken all the female names found in the US, all the male and all surnames and created a generator that combines them randomly. You may get names and surname combinations that are not normally found together, but with the amount of people in the US and to reflect its well-known melting pot status, I left it like this.

Click on the link in te sample header below to be taken to generator page.

If i can continue to get census data of this quality I’ll be adding more name pages. For now, generators will become semi-irregular – By that I mean that I can’t guarantee they be out each week, but when I do have enough to make one, it’ll be on a Tuesday like now.

US Names
# Female Male
#1 Corliss Belfanti Douglass Herny
#2 Shenna Metts Eliseo Okoniewski
#3 Delta Goltry Enrique Manghane
#4 Laila Snead Emmitt Capestany
#5 Myrna Vall Adan Diel
#6 Lizzie Au Jules Saba
#7 Loreta Cashen Haywood Buttars
#8 Marth Schwabenbauer Jeromy Holka
#9 Magaret Ryther Hal Bormes
#10 Caroll Adham Lucio Cruthirds

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