Not much to update about this week, so lets get right to it



The latest PDF “Helpful List 1k Series – Antagonists” has been done. But this time it will be the first done with Affinity/DTP program. Not every PDF will be made with this set-up to begin with. There will be a , well, transition period where I do it more and more until they are all done this way.  Things like master pages, layouts, text formating and the like will take time, but each one I do will mean that ones made afterwards will be a bit faster or better (up  to a certain point of course)



World Anvil

Last weeks WA entry was an update of an older post from this blog – Necromantic Octahedron. Keeping things to once a week, along with any challenges done and any other entries made when I have the time/energy, seems to be working out, so will stay with it for now.

World Anvil Page can be found HERE.




No Mans Sky…well.. Started off reasonably well, even if the planet i was dropped on almost killed me in the first ten mins. Why am I not streaming it? Well after almost two hours of exploring, flying, finding and building, making progress and even getting a teleporter set up ready for use, the game crashed. Fair enough, these things happen. But when I log back in and 2 hours of work is just…gone…. Considering I had crashed/been booted out from the game a couple of times already I didnt want to spend time building it all up again just to have all my work disapear. Sorry NMS, you are a good game but that is a deal breaker for me.

So, for the next week or so, will be playing Borderlands the Pre-Sequal then back to Guild Wars 2 and both expansions and the Living World seasons.

Twitch Channel



Other Stuff

Affinity, the DTP program is great, a LOT easier to use then i first thought it would be. Does have its quirks but any issues are more down to me not being used to a DTP program. It is now “How do i do X in this?” , then when I see where i need to click etc, it makes sense. I think the main concern I have now is setting up a “style guide” so that EG PDFS have a similar, if not uniform layout/format. This is something I foresee evolving over time.


That’s all for now, same time next week 😀



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