Time for another weekly update. Doing this has definatly been helping me to structure my week and plan things, so, for now, they are here to stay.



This Monday saw the release of the latest PDF , the second in the Helpful List 1K Series – HL 1k V2 Antagonists. Despite me making a silly spelling mistake, this was the first made using Affinity DTP program and with minor tweaking here and there will be the basic format I’ll be using. Cover – Social/Store Info – Intro/Legal and Credits/ – Content Page (Maybe with a “How to use” bit) – Actual Contents. Making templates and so on i so much easier now. The hard part is the actual details and design choices  – That is whats going to take time to, well, perfect or at least improve on.


World Anvil

Last weeks WA article was about the Alchemical Forge.  With the changes they are making I am glad I have supported this. Having one dedicated day a week I do something for it will mean I don’t waste  my investment and if I get the mental energy to do more, I can do.

World Anvil Page can be found HERE.




My Borderlands 2/Pre Sequal plythrough is now done. Starting tonight will be a new playthrough in which i take a new character through the tutorial, the basic core story, then the living world and the two expansions. There may be breaks at certain points, but this is going to be a long playthrough.

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