Time for this weeks update!



New PDF came out this week – “Cocktail Name Generator” – Working now on the companion PDF to go along with it, “Cocktail Details” – in theroy you could use to come up with a real-life cocktail to drink but i make no assurances that it will taste good.


World Anvil

World Anvil Article have been put on pause for a while – nothing wrong with WA, but I am needing to focus on getting the generators, itchi stuff and streaming/Vid issue sorted first. Only got so many sppons to go around and dont want another burnout like before. Focusing on one current project and one “ongoing one” feels right, and right now the Itchi/gen project is a higher priorty.

World Anvil Easthalen Page



Well..STO went about 50/50 good bad. First there was multiple crashes when trying to use the tailor, which was not fun. Then there was an interesting/amusing bug that meant my jet-pack/floater was invisible. Which admittedly did make things amusing, seeing a Borg flying about Risa :D. But the dance party was amusing and i now have the basic jetpack…even though it cant be seen heh.


Jurassic World is still going to be played. Making a small list of the next games I want to stream, such as Rimworld, Prison Artitect and so on.


Something that both puzzling and annoying is that the stream is running fine, yet VODS, clips and hi-lights are audio-dysnced. I am not the only one having this issues and there are multiple possible solutions. Annoyingly the test stream didnt have have this problem. As such I can only really test out one possible thing per stream. Until I can figure out just why the [bleep] this is going on, am putting a pause on youtube vids and clips etc.


Other Stuff

The “upload stuff to itch” is at about 80% of the items I want to upload. Once that is done I will be able to go through the generators on the site and update them in this rough order:

  • Add the itchi.io widgets for products
  • Update the generators to the new format/perchance system
  • Add select items to the PDF page
  • Add new generators + widgets – This will focus on the smaller ones first, like the quick gens and so on after the PDf has been on sale for a certain period of time (to be determined)



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