Hi folks, time for the first update of the year/decade!  This one will cover both whats been going on and my goals for the next indeterminate block of time.



No PDF this week, but the promised mega bundle sale is now on instead. The blog post detailing whats going on can be found here, but it boils down to me needing some time to work on some much needed things IRL yet to still have an income for the month.


World Anvil

Port Ar came about from my D&D game, using a combination of generators, map makers and existing details and lore.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




Outer Worlds is one and boy , what a great game…think I got what could be considered to be one of the “good” endings and i am soo glad I put the skill points into social stuff. It really made a difference to a certain decisions/action.

The rest of the week is the same as before, but Fridays is now free . I will be trying out a game called “Marbles on Stream” which i have seen being played and is quite amusing and chill relaxing, yet also interactive.

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus


Goals/Aims for the year

I am under no illusions – I will not be able to get all of these done. It wont be for the want of trying, just sometimes things, health (mental and physical) and other real-life life events may get in the way. So this list is not a “roadmap”  (I despise  corporate buzzwords in general), but more a “Things what I would like to get done and having them down in a list helps to focus me on them” but that is a bit too wordy so goals/aims it is instead ;). So here they are in no particular order of importance.

  • Site generators – Another block of generators to get done, focusing on the names. As I do them I will be adapting them to the “Name Maker” series. Once those are done then will be adding more but as you can see, there are quite a few there and if I bring one out a month(alongside the main pdf for the month), that’s enough for several years on PDFS.
  • Discord  – have begun adding features to the Discord. Will be ongoing, but for now have a basic RSS feed added to certain channels
  • PDFS – Working on a new one about Mechs/Mechanoids/Power Suits type of thing. New templates for various products lines make things so much easier its silly. Setting up the templates will be the hard part, but once done, will require only minor tweaking. This is one of those things that to begin with will not have much of a noticeable effect with regards to time taken to do projects , but as things progress, I can add, tweak and change as needed. This will help give things a more unified look across the board, both for Ennead Games as a whole and the various lines
  • World Anvil – I have a ton of articles on my “to-do” list for WA, most of them related to Easthalen, my RPG world. If i want to bring the book out before the heat death of universe I need to add some more of these. The hardest part, for me, is the various deities. I need to come up with or find a template that can help with that. The rest of the stuff is not too bad. Plus I need to figure out an issue I am having with the timeline, but i am pretty sure its because I have mis-configured something. But the folks at WA , a very small team (2 people iirc) are doing a fine job So the TL is not a major issue, more one of those things that I van work around, but it feels clunky. Its not a high priority when compared to other aspects
  • Streaming
    • Channel rewards – a new feature twitch have added is channel rewards. As you watch a stream you get points – These points can then be “cashed in” for various rewards, such as a shout out on stream, hilight a message and more. I’ll e adding more to these as time goes on and tweaking the values, but they seem to be already proving their worth and encouraging interaction
    • Elgato integration – The stream deck is a great utility device that i need to take advantage of more. Setting up profiles for each game/stream type will allow me to do a lot more. But its fiddly to get right for me and needs testing. So don’t be surprised if weird things happen on stream when I push buttons on it 😀
    • STA is in its final stretch, only 5 more episodes left! Its been a blast playing this game with some great people. For a silly little game that was never intended to last more than 9 months or so, I am damm happy with how things have turned out. Will there be a sequal? Maybe but not sure when. *If* there is it will be set up in the same universe as the Damocles and there are many things that it could lead from, such as the Shakelton Sphere, the remains of the Iconians and so much more.
  • Health – This is a difficult one to quantify. My health, both mental and physical can fluctuate from me feeling like a minor god to curling up on the sofa wishing for the sweet relief of death from the pain of the kidney stones to not being able to mentally focus on anything. The fact I am an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) person defiantly doesn’t help. So this, ironically even though its the last on the list is the most important – to be kind to myself when things get “too much” and to rest when needed without feeling guilty – To work on health/excercise for sure, but to not beat myself up if I miss a day and so on.



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