Its weekly update time and got a few things to cover this week!


The latest PDF – “Empire Builder – Era Names” is now out and already in the top 10 (at time of posting) for both “Under $5” and the Small Publisher chart…yay!

Semi related , as suggested to me on twitter by Josh Nickles (@techpickles) , I have created a sci-fi themed collection bundle which gives you most of the item that I have made that are sci-fi and modern themed – it can be found HERE.


Generators & Lists

Got the first of hopefully many hosted generators/lists – This is from Spilled Ale Studios hack of a certain post apocalyptic game and gives you 100 trinkets that may be found when you explore the wasteland. These can be used as novelties, trading items, or even raw materials. The Gen/List is hosted HERE.


World Anvil

Last week World Anvil/Easthalen post covered “The Razor Plains” it was based on an old article I had update and changed to fit in with Easthalen. Essentially, its a form of metal infused grass that can take on the properties and nearby minerals, in effect allowing the one that has it to have a renewable source of said mineral. Downside is it becomes hard to harvest and the “grass” can act like sharp razor blades.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




Despite a little snafu in my off-stream characters progress almost making me rage uninstalling, the GW2 playthough is progressing quite nicely. I have a new character skin/outfit and the progress towards making them a phaoroh like person is going quite well.

I have also installed (well, re-installed) Elder Scrolls Online. This is another in the category of games I keep finding myself going back to. When I need to take a break fro GW2 to prevent burn-out, this is the one I shall be playing. Then when, eventually, I finish the GW2 play through, ESO will become the main streaming game.

Twitch – Main



Other Stuff

I have downloaded and install a free open source video editing program called OpenShot. The purpose of this is to try and learn how to make basic/simple videos, ideally for things like STA:Damocles and the like. This is the project I mentioned before I am trying to see if i can get done by the time STA returns, BUT, this is not a high priority as there are others things on my to-do list. Plus its a new program and having to learn its quirks and way of doing things. I am not promising it will be done in time for the start if season three at end of September, BUT if I can get it done to my satisfaction then the stream will get a new intro video. If not, its no big deal and the old one will still work fine


Hope your week goes well




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