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Something I have been doing recently is using my own generators to come up with ideas for content for World Anvil and my game world Easthalen. This week is no exception, but, with a little twits. This week, I am using content from a generator/PDF that, at the time of posting this, has not been released.


“What??! You think the Plane of fire is just a rolling mass of flame? Silly child! There is so much more to it than that! Oceans that roil and churn in liquid flame. Buildings of magma and obsidian….and the other planes have even more!” Typical response to people from those who have visited the elemental planes

The Elemental Planes are, as their name suggests, made up of the various “pure” forms of their various elements. There is aslo a common misbelif that the so-called “Classic” Elements are the only ones that have planes and that others, such as the plane of Metal, is just a sub-plane of Earth – This is the sort of debate that can cause many a round of fisticuffs between scholars who study them. But, for now, we will be focusing on some locations that can be found on the the “Classical” Planes: Air, Earth, Fire & Water. The places listed below are fatures that have been found on the Elemental Planes. Some of their names are descriptive, others a very loose translatio into the common tounge from the local inhabitants. A few because the person who did the naming thought they sounded good. One was named that way ironicaly “as a joke” because the cartographer doing so was, frankly, not a nice person and wanted others to suffer trying to find the place.  


  • The Blackned Fields – A rolling mass of permant dark storm clouds on which air-based plants grow.
  • The Fierce Curtain – An almost literal wall of air, through which very little can pass.
  • The Glittering Tundra – Air so cold it is practically solid, that glistens like a diamond in sunlight.
  • The Squall Moor – A rather calm bit of “land” besest by sudden and strong winds that “come out of nowhere”
  • The Violent Geyser – An erruption of air, like a typical geyser, only this is made of winds.



  • The Airy Course – A , for the plane of earth, rather empty open area.
  • The Barren Perpetual Expanse – A place open and barren of all life, like something wiped the place clean.
  • The Everlasting Wall – Another wall like location, good for mining resources as it regenerates what is taken from it.
  • The Festering Quiet Fastness – A natural secure area that has poisons with radiation anyone who stays there too long.
  • The Hazey Ford – A crossover point to the plane of water.



  • The Blistering Battlefield – An area where Earth + Fire meet, a staging ground for the Great War, knowns for its incredible heat that can blister you skin.
  • The Empty Lampad Badlands – A dry area, devoid of life, where some souls end up walking for eternity.
  • The Fourth Ebon Oasis – An oasis of calm in an ocean of fire, the fourth such one to be discovered.
  • The Gorgeous Vehement Fen – A “marsh” like area, gorgeous and beautiful to behoold, dangerous, yet mesmerising at a point where 3 elemental planes (fire, earth and water) meet.
  • The Turbulent Area – A permanent storm made of liquid fire.



  • The Agni Geyser – A super hot geyser, made of water heated by the plane of fire of iteself. Named in honour of Agni, the fire-god of Hinduism.
  • The Hidden Wicked Bay – A hidden bay, on the border of Water/Earth. Home to pirate like peoples, belived to controled by a rather wicked Water Elemental being that has merged with the waters.
  • The Liquefied Void – An empty space in the plane, anything that eneters here is transformed into a liquid almost instantly, be it organic material, or anything else.
  • The Silver Oceanic Canyon – A deep, deep canyon, somewould say abyssal in its depths, lined with coral that has a metallic sheen. The legends say that the deeper one goes, the more valuable this coral becomes.
  • The Smouldering Beach – Another Tri-Elemental location, where the planes of Water/Fire/Earth meet to create a beach that smoulders in the heat and which many objects can catch fire.




World Anvil Page for the item listed above can be found HERE.

My World Anvil page/game world, Easthalen, can be found HERE. It is updated often , as and when I can.

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