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This week’s “10 questions about….” covers Communicattion. Speficially, the more long range communication, not the “talking to the neigbour” type of communication. AS before, this one is being kept genre-free as the questions here can be applied equally to fantasy as to say, Sci-Fi., but there would of course be differences between the answers.

  • What is considered short, medium or long-range communication?
  • What is the typical cost of sending a simple message?
  • How fast can a message be sent from one side of the world to another?
  • How secure is the system?
  • What cannot be sent via the system?
  • What are the limits of the system?
  • Is there only one group that deals the communication or are there many competing?
  • Where does the typical person go to send massages?
  • Are there any “premium” communication services?
  • How are those who take the messages viewed by the general public?

Bonus Question : Does every culture/country have the same system? If different what are the variations in each culture/country?


The list of previous and other world building prompts can be found HERE.

Current question count = 88

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