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As this week’s theme is “Currency”, the world-building questions/prompts are related to that in some way.

Currency can vary from location to location in the same world, so these questions can be asked for each group that has a major unit of currency in some way, or to the world as a whole, but that might make things more complicated or time-consuming.

  1. What is the common term for the currency of the world?
  2. What does each unit of money look like? (Shape, size etc)
  3. What denominations are there and are there a difference on each tier?
  4. What is the currency usually made from?
  5. What images are usually found on the money?
  6. Who oversees/controls the production of this money?
  7. Are there places where reserves of cash are stored? If so what are they like?
  8. What security measures, if any, are in place to prevent forgery?
  9. What are the typical punishments for counterfeiting?
  10. When was this currency brought into circulation/created?

Bonus Question: What is the most (in)famous event to have happened involving currency/money?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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