Technically, this is about mountains, hills and other such terrain features, but mainly focuses on mountains.

Even in worlds with little notable terrain, mountains and hills can be found, even though the local definition of a mountain may vary.

As this prompt set is about terrain it can be applied to any world that has, well, mountains. The details *may* change depending on the genre or setting, but otherwise this is fairly universal.



Note: when talking about height and so on, this can apply to sea level or the core of the planet. This may be the same mountain etc, or a different one.


  1. What is the name of the highest mountain range?
  2. What is the name of the tallest individual peak?
  3. What is the largest in terms of area covered?
  4. What is an unusual feature found in only one location?
  5. Is there a common theme for mountain names?
  6. Are there any mountains that have not been scaled to the summit and if so why?
  7. What organisation if any keeps track of names for mountains?
  8. In this world, what is the official definition of a mountain? is it height-based or something else?
  9. What is the most (in)famous incident involving a mountain?
  10. Are there any resources only found in mountain ranges? If so, which ones?

Bonus question: Which mountain/range is disputed territory?



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