An old looking piano with a yellow rose on it and the caption "Quick Generator Magical Instrument Concepts"

It’s a two-for-one today as not only is there a new PDF out but the GMs Sale is on at DTRPG and many Ennead Games PDf are discounted by 30%!

Quick Generator Magical Instrument Concepts

Concepts and ideas for magical instruments

Musical instruments can come in many varieties and forms, from the haunting melodies of bagpipes to the almost ethereal sounds that a flute can make and everything else that might be possible!

Some of those instruments, especially in a world or setting with magic or supernatural forces, might have different qualities to them. They might produce a cacophonic blast of force or even devour the souls of those unfortunate to hear them being played!

This PDF gives you two x d100 tables, which, when combined as per the instructions, can give you 10,000 combinations of names or concepts for magical or unusual music instruments.

The results from this are designed to be used on its own or, alongside “Equipment Maker #11 – Musical Instruments”, which is also by Ennead Games.

Example possible concepts include:

  • Bagpipe of Death
  • Cursed Mandolin
  • Hunters Saxophone
  • Hurdy-Gurdy of the Feline


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