Many worlds, especially those of a fantasy-based genre have mythological creatures within them. For many, this is one of the defining features of that particular genre, even those others may have other names for them such as cryptids and so on.

These prompts are not tied to any one particular creature, such as dragons, but, you may wish to ask them about each of the major creature types as the answer will probably be different depending on the mythological creature they are asked of.


  1. What is the most feared creature?
  2. How do people defend against this creature?
  3. What is a unique ability possessed by the most common mythological creature?
  4. Are there aquatic-based mythologicals?
  5. What are some friendly or helpful mytholgicals?
  6. Do all mythologies share a common history? If so what is it?
  7. Which is the most famous mythological creature and why is it the most well known?
  8. How accurate are the legends/stories of the mythological compared to the reality?
  9. What customs and/or rituals are associated with the various mythologicals?
  10. Do groups exist to deal with these beings if or when they show up?

Bonus question – Are there any conflicts between the various groups of mythologicals?



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