A forest with young/small trees, with some mist and sunlight streaming through

Terrain Feature Volume #1 – Forests

Explore the forests of your world

Forests are, often, places of nature unbound, where trees grow, animals live, fungus grows and the natural cycle does its thing. They can be ancient places, full of life and energy and be as peaceful or dangerous as any other natural location.

Sometimes sentient creatures live within it in, to keep se, for the most part, harmony or those from so-called civilisation decide to utilise its resources. They can also provide locations for adventure, from something within the forest being required to the forest itself.

This PDF gives you a way of generating a simple overview of a forest, with terms to describe the age, size and many more.

Note – Whilst this is titled forests, it can apply in some cases to jungles, woodlands and any other similar type of tree or large plant based terrain.

Inside you find tables that cover…

  • Age
  • Density
  • Creatures & Inhabitants
  • Feature – Artificial
  • Feature – Natural
  • Feature – Supernatural
  • Location/Climate
  • Name/title
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Tree type (d20 & expanded d100)
  • Quirks


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