Iron Age / Protohistoric artefacts from Northeastern Sierra Leone (West Africa)

This week’s list is a set of items that might be found amongst other treasures. They can catch the eye, have something about them or perhaps lead to other riches and adventures. Some might even just be the a red-herring or just be of importance to one NPC and worthless to anyone else.

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D20 Item of Mystery
1 A book bound in dragonhide, written in an ancient language.
2 A broken music box that plays a haunting melody.
3 A bronze key with no known lock.
4 A cracked porcelain mask that once belonged to a forgotten cult.
5 A crystal vial containing shimmering, otherworldly liquid.
6 A curious, glowing stone that reacts to magic.
7 A deck of enchanted playing cards that shuffle themselves.
8 A faded scroll filled with cryptic symbols.
9 A jewelled crown rumoured to belong to a long-lost king.
10 A locked chest filled with letters from an infamous pirate.
11 A mechanical pocket watch that runs backwards.
12 A preserved, exotic creature in a glass jar.
13 A puzzle box with shifting, interlocking pieces.
14 A rusted, cursed sword that hungers for blood.
15 A set of eerie, porcelain dolls that move when no one’s watching.
16 A set of old, handwritten love letters.
17 A tarnished silver locket with an indecipherable inscription.
18 A vial of ever-burning, blue flame.
19 A weathered map leading to an uncharted island.
20 An ornate dagger with a gem-encrusted hilt.





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