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The last couple of weeks has been busy and challenging (mental health blip, over that now). So things have been off by a bit. Today, and the rest of the week’s posts, are what *should* have been out last week.

This set of world-building questions is a lot more focused than some of the other ones in that it’s aimed at a specific genre (sci-fi/modern) and a topic (space-based vehicles). However, if your fantasy-based setting does have some kind of star travelling vehicles, then these could be used in that regard.


To save on space (hah pun very much intended), when prompted about details, this means name, design, place of manufacturing and so on. This will probably have a part 2 at some point, as this one focuses on space vehicles. I am using the term space here to reflect vehicles that can operate in one-star system. Starships are to me vehicles that can travel to other stars systems in an acceptable (for the most part) time period.

  1. What are the details of the first vehicle into space?
  2. What are the details of the first *crewed* vehicle into space?
  3. What are the details on the latest, most experimental vessel, particularly what makes it new or unique
  4. What has been the worst disaster to involve an SV?
  5. Are any ships/crews of SVs (in)famous in some way? if so why?
  6. Is there an organisation in charge of launches/controlling the lanes into space?
  7. Are there multiple locations for launches or can they take off/land anywhere?
  8. What powers the SVs, both for launch and travel?
  9. What is the typical design for an SV? 
  10. What, if any, defences does the SV have?

Bonus question: What is the top speed, both for a typical SV and one-offs, that has been achieved by an SV?




The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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