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As I add the world-building questions to the document, occasionally, some questions/prompts come up that are left over from over posts or cant be justified (at the time) to go into their section of their own.

So, for today, I give you 10 questions for world-building that could be considered to be “stand-alone” or extras for other prompts and so on. Some may serve as the foundations for other prompts/10 Questions later!



  1. What are some unique pets, mounts or animal companions the world has?
  2. By using publicly available transport, how long does it take to travel from one side of the world to the opposite?
  3. What is the nightlife culture like, if it exists at all?
  4. What is the name and history behind the most recognisable constellation?
  5. What is the vilest insult someone can call another and why is it so nasty?
  6. How many meals per day does the typical person have and what is traditionally consumed in each one?
  7. Hows is news distributed to the public?
  8. How are those who cannot work due to illness etc treated?
  9. What type of cheese is the most popular?
  10. How do people track the time for important day-to-day events?

Bonus : What is the most popular colour and why?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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What world-building topic would you like to see next time? Let me know in the comments below or on social media like Twitter.

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