Confectionary and Desserts Concepts

Confectionary & Desserts Concepts

A million+ ways to satisfy your sweet tooth…

Confectionary and desserts are something often consumed as part of a multi-course meal, normally at the end of the set but that can vary from group to group.

Many people, children especially those with a so-called “sweet tooth” enjoy the treats and quite a few companies and stores have sprung up specialising in their production and selling.

The type of confectionery range from doughnuts (or donuts), to cakes, with many flavours and descriptors.

This PDF gives you a system for generating ideas or concepts for confectionary and/or deserts, with a million possible outputs!

Example outputs include…

  • Filled Persimmon Batter
  • Pink Apple Waffle
  • Bubbly Bourbon Toffee
  • Clear Rhubarb Figurine
  • Orange Cola Gummi
  • Velvet Tangerine Cane
  • Soothing Blueberry Peanuts
  • Crunchy Vanilla Meringue
  • Toasted Pomegranate Mix
  • Crystal Cherry Brittle


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