1. A letter of credit made to the name of Harathorn. The amount is 300 gp from a bank of the Pearl Islands (70 gp).
  2. A brass pendant, worth 600 gold coins.
  3. A copper ring, worth 100 gold coins.
  4. An iron bracelet, worth 600 gold coins.
  5. A bronze pendant, enlaid with a pattern of gold, worth 500 gold coins.
  6. A brass ring, worth 800 gold coins.
  7. A bronze bracelet, set with an opal, worth 800 gold coins.
  8. A steel locket, worth 700 gold coins.
  9. A brass clasp, set with an onyx, worth 100 gold coins.
  10. A lead clasp, engraved with an ancient proverb, worth 600 gold coins.

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