1. Mana surges through your body as you harness the elements to your command. The target is shrouded in a burst of arcane energy.
  2. Concentrating on a fixed point, you complete the incantation and watch the exploding effect consume your opponent. They cry out in pain from the intensity of the energy.
  3. Dancing to a thunderous roar, the lightning strike makes your targets spasm involuntarily before they drop to the ground, burned and electrocuted.
  4. As you finish your arcane chant, you thrust your hand towards your foe in a grasping motion. Tendrils of smoke ooze forth and wrap around your enemy’s throat.
  5. Eldritch energy streams from your fingertips and slams into your foe, their cry of anguish dwindling as they fall backwards, nerves afire.
  6. Eldritch energies reach out and caress your foe, sending them reeling.
  7. Your opponent stands mesmerized by your hand movements and hypnotic speech. He looks confused for a second, and then his eyes start darting back and forth as your spell of paranoia takes effect.
  8. You stand with your hands raised in expectation as you finish your invocation. As the last syllable leaves your lips, a second of silence fills the air around you. You feel your clothing subtly shift and raise off your skin by a fraction of an inch. Then a loud ZZZZZZZT! fills the air as you feel a ball of energy gather and rush from between your outstretched hands. Although you see nothing, your enemy drops to his knees, roaring in agony as blood pools in his eye sockets. He begins to vomit black bile and gore.
  9. Tracing the runes, you beckon the ethereal forces to do your bidding. With a crack, they rip into your opponent, turning his insides into hamburger.
  10. The ray leaps from your hand, strikes your foe and traces a crooked, briefly glowing line across your foe’s chest. A scent of singed flesh assaults your senses.



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