1. Magical statue: gargantuesque limestone statue of long-dead person (Ánoræry, a male hill dwarf, ranger from this country.) attacks the party unless a missing part is returned
  2. Non-Magical statue: small granite statue of a deity (Nyx (BRO DAR KAR YLA))
  3. Non-Magical idol: large wooden idol of a deity (Thor)
  4. Non-Magical idol: medium-sized sandstone idol of local hero (Zelsil Deathblade, a female lizard folk, sorcerer (hawk familiar) from this country.)
  5. Magical idol: small limestone idol of local hero (a female human, bard from this country.) attacks the party unless an item is taken out of the statue’s hand
  6. Non-Magical statue: medium-sized wooden statue of local hero
  7. Non-Magical idol: large sandstone idol of a deity (Thoth)
  8. Non-Magical statue: huge granite statue of long-dead person (a druid long dead)
  9. Magical idol: small wooden idol of local hero ,heals (light 1d8+1) a party member when water is poured over the statue
  10. Magical idol: gargantuesque granite idol of a deitywhispers nonsense when blood is poured into a container held by the statue


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