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  1. a gold chimera on a red field
  2. a black moon and a black vulture on a silver field
  3. a red kraken on a silver field
  4. a silver bar on a green field
  5. a silver tree on a black field
  6. a silver ring on a green field
  7. a gold fist on a red field
  8. a green tower on a gold field
  9. a gold fleur-de-lys on a green field
  10. a black stripe and a black crocodile on a silver field
  11. two silver shells on a red field
  12. a red tree on a gold field
  13. a red bison on a gold field
  14. a green fleur-de-lys on a gold field
  15. two gold rings on a blue field
  16. two green owls on a gold field
  17. a blue ring on a gold field
  18. two green towers on a gold field
  19. a blue crown and two blue crosss on a gold field
  20. a blue deer on a silver field


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