In most games set in the modern world, or the those set in the future, drugs exist. Sometimes though you have a awesome drug designed for a adventure, but the name stumps you. Well worry not for here are 20 for your use, plus a few questions to help flesh out your drug if needed

  • What , if any, positive effects does the drug have?
  • What are the negative effects?
  • How addictive is it?
  • What are the main ingredients? Are they legal on their own?
  • What effect does it have on non-humans
  • Does the drug go by any other name?
  • How is it sold?
  • How is it taken/used?


  1. Colnipro
  2. Dimenhydrozinepenkin
  3. Piperotiricane
  4. Tamizolcamsule
  5. Elacripenkin
  6. Tazteserabine
  7. Sertucirevimex
  8. Silmanfosoracetam
  9. Atribactam
  10. Madurameningysoldiamide
  11. Mozinetami
  12. Rotizolcol
  13. Relixda
  14. Amincal
  15. Metaantimonam
  16. Albuaminciclib
  17. Xanoxbec
  18. Pizoline
  19. Virosol
  20. Apridornoctakin


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