Goods and materials are often needed to be moved from one place to another

The NPC caravan usually did the job well. Some carried precious foods, other weapons, whilst others simply carried general goods. They are quite often guarded, some better than others

Here is today’s caravan for your use.

A medium caravan (38 horses) led by Tanina the Barely Scribe, average (level 2 expert) half-elven caravan leader, on the way to Hornpoint.

Caravan Goods:

  • 10 horses carrying bolts of cotton cloth (40 units)
  • 9 horses carrying iron ingots (36 units)
  • 10 horses carrying bolts of luxury cloth (40 units)
  • 9 horses carrying bales of raw flax (36 units)

    Caravan Workers:

  • Laborers: 12
  • Animal Handlers: 28

    Caravan Guards:
    Total: 21

  • The guards’ leader is a 5th level half-elven warrior mounted on a griffon wearing banded armor (AC=16) and armed with a light lance and shortsword
  • (21) 1st level half-orc warriors on foot wearing hide armor (AC=13) and carrying shortswords and shortbows .


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