The latest volume of the Campaign Chunks series kicks off today and this volumes subject will be flora, a.k.a plants fungus etc.

US 199 Redwood Highway

Campaign Chunk Volume 13.01 – Giant Redwood

The Redwood, whose scientific name is Sequoia sempervirens, comes in three species – Coast redwood, giant sequoia, and dawn redwood. Despite being almost world famous, for a plant, they are only found to grow in very certain areas. The Coastal Redwood grows on the west coast of the United States, The giant sequoia only in California’s Sierra Nevada range and the Dawn Redwood is found only in a remote area of central China.

The Coastal Redwood is the tallest of the three species and can grow to over 300 feet/90 meters tall, with a root system that only extends into the ground by around 10 feet. This is managed by having a wider system , when compared to other trees and can spread to around a 50-foot diameter. This combined with the roots tangling themselves into crevasses and grooves, grants them the strength and stability their giant trunks need.

It is believed that these massive trees can live to over 2,000 years old and have been on earth for over 240 million (240,000,000) years, making them some of the oldest living things on earth. One thing that has helped them is that Redwoods are adept at surviving fire. Their bark contains no flammable pitch or resin and is extremely thick. Sometimes it benefits them as it can help to remove debris and other plants from around their base that takes away much-needed moisture and nutrients.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Evidence has been found of a giant sized Redwood that lived, until being felled by a landslide, for almost 3000 years. Cultures and cells have been taken from this Uber-Red, as it has been dubbed, in an attempt to work out just how it survived and managed to grow much bigger than its fellow trees.
  • A new species of Redwood has been claimed to have been found in Northern China. Investigators are currently negotiating with authorities for permission to enter the area and examine the tree, but so far have been met with many hold ups and blockages. Rumors are starting to circulate that this new discovery is, in fact, a hoax.
  • A few redwoods have had tunnels made through them to allow traffic without having the tree felled. A new tunnel is being planned but protestors are forming a living shield around the tree. This road will help bring in much-needed jobs and allow emergency traffic to get to a nearby hospital quickly. Although currently peaceful, tensions are rising on both sides.

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