RIGS SciFi 2.01 – Temporal Collar

“Members of the Grand Assembly. Today is a great breakthrough in our dealings with the insidious Chronovamps. Too long has their uncontrolled temporal jaunts caused havoc for anyone unfortunate to encounter them. So we at Melard Industries have developed this, the Temporal Collar. Any being wearing one of these is prevented from any form of temporal manipulation or travel, excluding that to which the rest of the universe subscribes to. But that is not enough, these things are more like animals, with no discernable sentience or intelligence. We have tried communicating, we have tried bargaining, but how do you deal with an animal? You train it and if it misbehaves too much, you put it down…”

Activation: Paced around subjects neck
Complexity: 85%
Condition: Worn but well looked after
Control method: Remote handheld unit


The Temporal Collar(TC) is something that, at first glance, resembles the slave collars that were found on many planets in their history or current more…backward…worlds. It is quite clunky and ugly to look at and comfort was not high on the designer’s specification list. It can be remotely controlled and removed via a handset.

Abilities and Features

The TC main feature is to anchor any creature to the current time stream. Any kind of temporal manipulation is impossible for the victim of this collar. The victim can still experience time passage in the normal way everyone else does, but any attempts to bypass this results in a three stage process starting, in addition to it’s normal anchoring ability. The first warning is a slight constriction of the collar, the next is a strong electrical shock directly to the wearer’s nervous system. The third is a detonation of the collar itself, removing the wearer’s head from the vicinity of their body. This also occurs if an attempt is made to remove the collar.


The first disadvantage to the temporal collar is you have to be close enough to the creature you want to put it on. It doesn’t work until it is clicked into place around a subject’s neck or other appropriate body part. The second downside is one that only a few in Melard Industries even suspect, let alone know about. There is a 1 in 100 chance that the detonation of the collar will cause a highly dangerous and unstable temporal rift to open. So far this has not occurred, but with production ramping up of the TC, it is only a matter of time.


Authors note – I wasn’t able to find an appropriate useable image in time for this blog entry that I could use. Any type of futuritic/Sci-Fi slave type collar wouldwork if you need an image
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