Tobacco: Benmur’s Sneaky
Effects: None.
Side Effects: None.
Cost: 5 sp

Tobacco: Best bat
Effects: None.
Side Effects: -1 to Balance for 1 hour and Headache.
Cost: 1 sp

Drug: Distilled Halfblooded Yuan-tirot
The Vial has a hawk shape and the glass is cornflower blue, it has horizontal ribbing texture. The liquid in the vial is light burgundy, it has no taste, and it has a musty smell.
Addiction Rating: Negligible
Drug Delivery Inhaled
Satiation: 1 day     Damage: 1d3-2 Dex (minimum 0)
Initial Effect: 1d4 points of temporary Constitution damage
Secondary Effect: The user becomes numbed to pain for 1d4 hours, immune to pain-induced penalties (such as from a symbol of pain).
Side Effects: A creature under the effect of this drug is easily confused and acts skittish (treat as shaken).
Overdose: If two doses are taken within the space of an hour, or if it is taken in another way than the delivery method, the drug is a deadly poison (DC 17, 1d10 Con/1d10 Con). The addicts often throw out the drug as soon as they take it and make sure that only one dose is available at a time in order to make sure they cannot overdose on the deadly drug.
Save: Fortitude (DC 5)
Cost: 565 gp
CR: 3

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