Alaezygax the Unwashed
Type: Wyrm Blue
Scales: Aqua – Each scale has a darker edge
Back: Tortoise like shell
Head: Velociraptor – with wide frill and single brow horns- curved
Eyes: 2 Black Compound eyes
Jaws/Mouth: Fangs – Extended/large
Wings: Qty: 2 Bat Edges: Nothing/Normal
Limbs(not wings): 4 – Normal
Talons: Poison tipped (Injury, DC equal to 10+ age category, 1d2 from a random stat for 6 rounds)
Tail: Stiff/Rigid, but useable
Scars/battle damage: One eye is cloudy

O’surr the Forgotten
Type: Very Old Brone
Scales: Olive – Olive dots
Back: Normal/Same as base
Head: Lizard – no horns
Eyes: 4 Metallic(Silver) Normal eyes
Jaws/Mouth: Under bite
Wings: Qty: 2 Bones – Skin between Edges: Spikes (+1 damage)
Limbs(not wings): 4 – Normal
Talons: Retractable
Tail: Axe/blade shaped tip
Scars/battle damage: Scar across face


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