English: View of Hoover Dam with jet-flow gate...
English: View of Hoover Dam with jet-flow gates open (image cropped). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9.3 – James Oak Dam

40 years ago, the town of Redigham Heights suffered from its 4th flood in 2 years when the local river flooded the area. After this a local businessman who lived nearby decided enough was enough. During the summer of the next year before the rainy season begun he rushed through and privately paid for a dam to be constructed upstream to help regulate the flood waters. For the first time in ages, the town was protected.

The James Oak Dam (JOD) is simply a standard dam that impedes the flow of water along the river. The official name is “The James Oak Dam and Waterway System” as it includes the levees, floodgates ad reinforced riverbanks in the area to help manage the area. The dam itself has several flood gates that are opened when water levels get high and to help keep the river flowing at a regulated level. The dam is classified as an arch-gravity dam, such as the famous Hoover Dam, but only about a third of the size.

The reservoir created by the implementation of the JOD is used for many other activities, such as fishing, sailing and being used to help water the local fields and towns via any aqueducts. Tourists have started to come from around the country and further afield to go on tours of the lake. Permits are sold for fishing rights but only during certain times of the year.

Hooks & Rumours

  • A petition has sprung up calling for the JOD to be renamed in honour of his wife. James Oaks surviving relatives are in agreement, but, for some reason, the local authorities are resisting the idea, but not giving an explanation as to why.
  • A suggestion has been brought forward to upgrade the JOD to a hydroelectric dam and help provide power for Redigham Heights. This will cost a lot of money, but will provide jobs and electricity for the nearby towns and a healthy profit for Redigham. The downside is the environmental damage whilst construction is occurring and afterwards. Plans are being made to make sure any nearby animals are well looked after, but research needs to be made first.
  • A sailing gala on Lake Oak (the unofficial name given to the reservoir) has been proposed and help with publicity for the event has been requested.
  • Several teenagers have been killed trying to ride the water flows down the dam. Investigations are being made into how they managed to get onto the dam.
  • A rare fish has been sighted in Lake Oak. Until its number can be officially determined, fishing permits have been suspended, triggering many protests by the locals and visitors.

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