Dungeon Feature – Sights, smells & sounds

Exploring a dungeon can become pretty boring for your players if every room has the same description. When you need to add a bit of flavour to your rooms and locations, or your players simply ask question like “what can we smell” or “Can I hear anything around the corner”. Do they lead to anything? Is that creepy sound you just heard an indicator of something heading your way or are your ears playing tricks on you?

This part of the Dungeon Feature set gives you some sights, sounds and smells, well the descriptions at least, to make your dungeon or other room feel more colourful and hopefully less boring.
An example of the output can be found below

Generator Link
Sights, Smells & Sounds
Room # Sights seen Smells detected Sounds heard
1 Torch stub Books – new Boisterous sneeze
2 Room is eerily clear of debris Sandalwood One person snapping their fingers
3 Dirty and damaged clothing Ozone Toddler whimpering
4 Diary – closed/locked Fresh oil paint Slow heavy footsteps
5 Animal carcass – cat Skunk Metal being hammered

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