A power outage (also called a power cut, a power blackout, power failure or a blackout) is a short or long-term loss of the electric power to an area.
They are broadly categorised into ne of three types of blackout.
permanent Fault – When there is a blockage or other faut that causes the power flow to be interrupted. Once this fault is removed the power returns automatically.
Brown out – A brownouts is caused when the voltage drops. This is categorised by a noticable flickering in lights and other such visible systems.
Blackout – This is when the power is cut off, due to something like the power station circuits tripping or something similar.

When a blackout occurs, this can cause a major disruption to system that do not have a battery back up or alternate power supply. As a precaution important locations such as hospitals, traffic control and military systems are fitted with a independent power system that can last hopefully until power is restored. There is normally a slight delay in triggering the generators and emergency systems to come online.

Hooks & Rumours

  • An area nearby to the players has been getting blackouts randomly over the last few months , at least every 3 days and for unpredictable amounts of time.
  • After the last blackout a record number of jewelery stores where reportedly broken into, suggesting that the blackout was part of a coordinated plan. Oddly, all the stores where part of the same business group.
  • Even though blackouts in a certain region are unheard of, one location has had a record number of sales in battery back-ups, power generators and the like. This location is the home for a doomsday cult known for their tactics of causing blackouts and cutting off power to “the outsiders”.
  • The last major blackout caused the local authorities to install a new power back up system across the city. Experts are now claiming that when the system is activated it will cause too much power to flow back into the grid and do serious damage, even to those systems protected by circuit breakers.
  • A terrorist group known as “The Blue Dawn” is claiming to have hidden EMP devices all around the city, planning on causing a major blackout on what could be the hottest day of the year, which is meant to be in 3 days.

Inspired by : Power Outage

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