Bandage of Duty

“The way it healed them was incredible. I just had to wrap it around the broken body and they were brought back to life with no injuries. But I can’t stop , I have a duty to use this to heal as any as possible.” – Last known user of the bandages.

Bandage of Duty
Power Level : Artefact (10)
Activation : Will
Approximate Age : Many – 36 years
Condition : Excellent (8)

Many years ago, there was a major battle in which the casualties on both sides were incredibly high. A nearby healer, who was a pacifist of the highest order and was known to heal anyone who asked was passing nearby when he heard the sounds of the battle. Arriving after the fighting had stopped the sight before him brought him to tears. Praying to his deity he vowed on that day with every fibre of his being not to stop until he had found and healed as many injured and dying as possible. There are many that day, from both sides who owe their lives to this healer, whose name is still unknown. Both sides now honor tis divine savior.

Not long after, one of the forces returned to the battle to find many who they thought were dead were living, including their enemies. Taking them prisoner, they heard tales of a lone wanderer who roamed the battle field, healing all those that they could and bringing back those who had not long passed through the veil. Eventually the healer was found, days later, his hands holding tight onto a faintly glowing set of bandages. The healer had literally worked themself to death and investigations revealed that he had not eaten or even drunk anything, just gone from body to body and healed who they could. The healer was taken to a neutral location and his body enshrined. The sacrifice of this one person helped to bring to an end a war that had raged for almost 15 years. The bandages are considered a holy artifact by both sides and are only used in dire circumstances.

To use the Bandage of Duty is rather simple. You must wrap it around the person or body to be healed as tightly as possible and will the artifact to work. The bandage glows faintly as it begs to work. The greater the damage done, the longer it takes for the bandages to work, but they have yet to not work, as long as the body is over approximately 60% complete. Anything missing is regenerated as the body is healed but it takes longer to regenerate than it does to simply heal. Death takes the longest and again the time vary from body to body

The obvious downside to using this artifact is once you have healed one person, you feel a very powerful urging to continue to do so. The artifact itself pokes your mind in such a way to make you think you have a duty to continue to heal, even when it puts your own health at risk. The more you have healed, the greater the mental prodding, until eventually you die. Your life, in effect , becomes one of duty to healing others. Of course if/when you die, then someone else can use the Bandage on you, but then that person now has the holy duty to heal imposed on them.

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