Grand Tour
Originally, the term Grand Tour refered to one of three major professional cycling races, such as the Tour de France. The name has been used by many to describe another race. The term is also being used to refer to another cycling race. Like the Tour de France, the Grand Tour(GT) is a multi-stage race that takes place over a period of weeks. This mega race takes place every 3 years and starts on the first of April.

It starts and ends in a town called, Grande, a place chosen because the name fits. Thousands of entrants and spectators and teams descend on Grande and at the local church bells ring out 10:00 am, the race starts. Each stage is a different length, allowing for terrain and typical weather conditions. officially, the race is over once a winner has been decided, or one month has gone past. It is recommended to stick to the official guidelines for breaks and rests to reduce injury, but some riders do push themself harder to make it within the month timeline.

The GT crosses through several countries and terrain types, from mountains, to scrublands and more. In total the race circuit covers almost 5,000 kilometers. Each day covers one part of the circuit, with the winner of each stage being granted the “Golden Helmet”, a symbolic item that shows the winner of that stage. They also are allowed to start at the front for the next day. At the end of the race, the rider with the most awards is declared the winner. If there is a tie, then the prize is shared, but this rarely happens. The prize is a winner’s medal, a “real” Golden Helmet and sponsorship deals. The top 100 also receive a complementary holiday to help get them back into full health. All entrants also receive a discount card that grants them 20% off all participating sponsors.

Hooks & Rumours

  • There are plans to add a 4th country to the Grand Tour. However the leading contended is well-known for cheating and being dishonorable.
  • There is a legal battle going on to prevent the “new” Grand Tour from calling themself Grand Tour from the original users/owners.
  • The winner of the latest stage has been accused of using enhancing drugs. It turns out the accuser is a team that would benefit if the rider was removed from the GT.
  • The residents of a town in which the GT passes through have announced they will be erecting blockades as they are fed up with the disruption. The town is in an area that makes it almost impossible to go around the town. The GT passes through in 4 days and no compromise has been reached as yet.
  • A suggestion to increase the period in which the GT takes place to every 2 or 1 years has been put forth by the organisers. Quite a few people are welcoming this idea, but some medical experts are suggesting that it would be a bad idea.
  • For the first time a 3-way tie has occurred. All other avenues of determination have been exhausted – the Winners are equal. As such a third Grand prize medal is being hastily forged and needs to get to Grande ASAP for the prize ceremony to take place.

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