Flag of Influence

“I’ll admit. I went to that meeting fully ready to deny their request. But then they flew that damm flag of theirs. You know the one, they consider it a holy item, something to be revered. And for a while…so did I…”

Flag of Influence
Power Level: Greater (8)
Activation: Will
Approximate Age: Many – 39 years
Condition: Poor (3)

The Flag of Influence is potent item that can modify the opinions and views of those who view it to match the one who activated it. It creates in the viewer a sense of pride and admiration, subtlly changing their views on life and various subject matters until they are the same as the activator.

Using the FoI is simple. It must be unfurled in the presence of those that need to be affected. Simply walking in and seeing the Flag aloft does not work. As the flag is being raised, the use my silently will the mood or opinion they desire, such as “The delegates should be more receptive to us” or “They will agree to the treaty”. Keeping the request simple works better.

There are limitations to the FoI which the wizards and crafters are working on to remove. One has been mentioned already, the other is that trying to change someones view too much will have the opposite effect. This was downside discovered to their horror during soe negations for a river crossing. The user of the flag made the mistake of trying to will the other side to simply give them the bridge rather than rights to using it. This bridge was considered an important landmark and the demand to simply give it to the was considered insulting. This rapidly turned the negations sour and led to a conflict that started a war.

To this date, the FoI has only been used in one nation. They guard the secret with their lives. This just leads to the conclusion from outsiders that the flag is a holy item, reinforcing the subliminal effect it’s presence has. Even when not activated, its mere presnce can make the other side a tad more receptive. What is unknown by outsiders is that is there is more than one version of the FoI. Every major powerblock within this nation has their own version of the FoI. It is considered bad form to come to the negating table without one.

Rumors abound that another, more powerful version of the FoI is being developed. This one being able to be used on the battlefield to boost morale and to inspire negative emotions in the enemies. Various tests are being performed. As of this current moment in time, the results have been unsuccessful, but it is only a matter of time before they succeed.

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