9.4 – Cookbook for Time Travellers
A cookbook is a type of book that tells people how to prepare food for eating using specific instructions, normally referred to as a recipe. They often list the ingredients, cooking methods and any other special instructions that are required. Many also have pictures and illustrations of the finished product and of important steps along the way.

The Cookbook for Time Travelers (CBFTT) , compiled by “Tim Etraveller” (Real name Arthur Miggins) is a joke cookbook. Within its pages are recipes that can only truly be made by someone who has access to a time machine, such as T-Rex Scrambled Eggs, or Saber-Tooth Tiger Grilled steaks cooked in a portable fusion-powered laser cooker. For those without access to temporal technology, they have also provided “Chronological Equivalent” lists of ingredients and cooking methods, such as Rib-eye steak or chicken eggs, or even a microwave for certain steps. There is over 200 recipes in the book covering a wide variety of diets and ingredients. The most popular is one known as “Neutron star Cake”. It can best be described as a chocolate covered cake, with a very rich and sweet icing. Those who eat it can feel it sitting heavily in their stomach. Even a small amount can fill you up and make you feel heavy, which gives it its name.

When it was first published, The CBFTT went straight to #7 in the book charts are stayed there for quite a while. Sales spike every April as it has proven to be a popular gag gift, pushing the typical position it holds in the charts to up to #4. It has even been mentioned in a few other publications and entertainment mediums, which help to push the sales even further.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Someone is claiming that the CBFTT was in fact ripped off from another book, published several years before called “Recipes for the Temporary Confused”and threatening legal action to prove the point.
  • Some rather passionate fans of the CBFTT are claiming the book is the real thing and have not grasped that it is a joke book. They are repeatedly harassing the author to reveal the secrets he possesses. It has got so bad that Miggins has had to go into hiding, despite a major book signing tour being planned. The publishers are offering a major reward for anyone who can find him and convince him to return.
  • A celebrity cooking show is planning on using the CBFTT in a scifi themed edition of its hit show. A popular member of the party has been asked to be a judge or at the very least a member of the audience.
  • Some are claiming that the initial popularity of the CBTT was in fact down to the publishers manipulating the results. It is believed that Arthur Miggins is related to the publisher who first decided to publish he book, but on its first run as a regular book sales tanked. No-one at the publishing house will comment publicly on the subject and in any interview, such questions are ignored or the interview is cancelled if they persist.
  • A rare 1st edition of the CBFTT has gone up for auction. It contains one extra recipe which was taken out of the rest of them. No-one is sure why the recipe was removed, but oly a few copies of this version exist and they are worth a lot of money. This one even more so as it has been signed by the author’s real name.

Inspired by: Cookbook

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