A glass being full of rosé wine
A glass being full of rosé wine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9.6 – The Kings Vintage Wine

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. Most wines get their names in one of two different ways: they are either named for their grape variety (the grape that was used to make the wine) or they are named for the region of the world in which the wine was made. The Kings Vintage Wine, sometimes called simply the Kings Vintage, is an exception. It was named over 250 years when the makers could not agree on what to name the wine after. The local king had a passion for wine making and on drinking a glass declared it to be “My finest Vintage yet” and the name Kings Vintage stuck. Kings Vintage Wines become the name of the company that produces and distributes the drink.

Kings Vintage Wine (KVW) is classified as a rosé wine. Rosé is a type of wine that incorporates some of the colour from the grape skin, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. It has a deep red hue to it and those drinking it believe it tastes of a mixture of strawberry, apple with a dashing of allspice. Other say the drink is more apple and orange. Whatever the flavour you think it is, all who drink it agree it as a fruity drink and makes for a good glass to have during the long summer evening and after a meal.

Over the years, many experts had spouted the virtue of drinking wine as a health benefit and the Kings Vintage is no exception. They help to promote healthy and safe drinking and only to drink lots in controlled situations. When asked about this stance their reasons  given as “We want our customers to not only enjoy our best wine but to live long enough to enjoy another.”

Hooks & Rumours

  • A manuscript has been discovered which details the first tasting of what would later become known as KVW. This manuscript is the first recorded mention of this wine and is highly desirable by collectors of memorabilia.
  • Some experts are arguing over the name of the wine, insisting it should be “King’s Vintage” with the apostrophe before the s. Other are saying the current spelling is the correct one. This has produced a light-hearted split amongst fans of the wine. Many outsiders find this obsession baffling and odd.
  • The makers of the KVW are trying to launch 2 new wines, a red and a white, based on grapes bred from those in the same region as the original. The first batch is almost ready to taste and they are running a talent contest. The twist is that ou can only enter and perform after drinking a bottle of the KVW – In other words, you have to do it whilst slightly drunk.
  • The latest batch of the KVW has been contaminated by a type of poison. It has not smell or taste but would make the drinker very ill and possibly die. Investigators are trying to find where and when the batch got damaged. Luckily only a few bottles got sold and they are being tracked down and refunds offered to the buyers.
  • Despite being a highly prominent advocate of safe and careful drinking, KVW has been getting a lot of anonymous hate mail and threats from a group claiming they are promoting “the devil’s blood”. Until recently there has been no evidence, but something has come up suggesting it may, in fact, be the work of a rival vineyard. KVW is offering a 12 month supply of their most popular year – the 200-year anniversary special, for any evidence that leads to a conclusion to this affair.

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