RIGS 3.3 – Divination Elixir

“Someone once said that to know the future is to be ruled by it. I don’t know who did but this, gods be damned elixir must have been the reason for it. Does it work? Oh yes, it works. But you have to be so focused, so disciplined and concentrate on just one subject. You never know what part of your thoughts it will pick up on otherwise. And it will show you everything about it and I mean everything…”

Divination Elixir
Power Level: Major (5)
Activation: Blood – User
Approximate Age: Many – 29 years
Condition: Average (5)

The Divination Elixir, sometimes known also as the Potion of foresight, is a two-part item that requires a third part to become active. The two main parts are a semi-transparent silver chalice engraved with unknown mystical symbols that swirl and change as each user go to pick it up. The second is water from the well of oracles. Drinking the water from the well in an ordinary cup refreshes the user as if they had a good nights sleep. Drinking it from the chalice gives the user good feelings about the future and make them feel optimistic. Adding the third ingredient, the drinkers blood (one drop will do) activates the main power – Divination about a subject the user is concentrating on.

For the vast majority of the users, the DE will give important information about the subject focused on. If a person it will impart their whereabouts, the state of health, etc. This comes in the form of both images, impressions and direct knowledge. The more of the elixir that is drunk in one go, the stronger the impressions and the more details that are imparted.

The major downside to the elixir is that the more that is drunk, the harder it is for the user to keep the divination focuses on the subject of choice. A small sip is easy to control but the whole chalice in one is virtually impossible for all but the most experienced users to control. If this amount is consumed at once, the users mind is awash with random images and subjects. One is randomly picked and the drinkers and becomes flooded with everything possible about the subject. The history, the current location of it, possible future events, who used it last, what caused that odd mark on it. Then it switches to another random subject and the process repeats. Most minds cannot cope with this suddenly influx of randomized information and they shut down. Most recover soon afterwards with a mess or new and useless memories inside their heads and the mother of all hangovers. Some don’t wake up at all, permanently lost in a sea of information.

There is a rumour that one kingdom uses this overloading property as a way of punishing criminals, as virtually all those who have their mind overloaded and survive become docile and controllable. The threat of another dose of the elixir has calmed down the most dangerous of criminals. It is believed that it makes them experience what their victims go through, but this has not been proven one way or the other.

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