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9.8 – The Lost Monastery

A monastery is a community of persons, especially monks, bound by vows to a religious life and often living in partial or complete seclusion. They can be found from many faiths and range in size from something akin to a small hut used by one or two monks, to large estates and complexes that can hold tens of thousands of people.

The Lost Monastery(LM) gets its name for two different reasons, connected by coincidence. Johan Lost, an explorer of jungles and forests, found the LM after getting lost in the jungle when he got into an argument with his guide. The guide thought it would be amusing if he got “lost” like his name and kept making remarks about it. After many hours of this, Johan lost his temper and told the guide off, offending him greatly. It was not long after this that the lost Lost found the LM. The tabloids who reported this finding made the name up and it stuck ever since

As monastery go, the LM is not that large, as monasteries go. First appearances suggest that it was meant to hold just under a couple of hundred people, including religious members and staff. The curious thing about the LM is that it has no real indicator of which religion or culture it belongs to, with some aspects coming from one religion and others from a completely different one. It’s almost as if many groups have got together to make

If this place was the first inter-faith monastery, a question remains: Why was the monastery abandoned and all records of it lost?

Hooks & Rumours

  • During the excavation, scholars have found what they believe to be the reason the LM was struck from records. So far they are keeping this hidden and demand is growing for this information to be made public.
  • People are trying to find the guide who originally was with Lost before his discovery, but cannot be found. Some are saying his was shunned by his family for leaving someone in the jungle, others are that he has gone back to the Monastery to explore and never returned.
  • Several religions and groups are claiming the LM as belonging to their group. So far 3 have stepped forward, each with records that supposedly validates their claims.
  • The government that controls the area where the monastery was found is fighting religious and scientific groups in the courts to demolish the area as it is sitting on a valuable mineral deposit.

Inspired by: Monastery

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